Jquery Plugins i love (monthly updates)

Fancy Moves


jQuery Supersized

Comes bundle with 2 versions: http://buildinternet.com/project/supersized/

Javascript Games

Check out some demos: http://craftyjs.com

Javascript googlemaps



Cuztomizable Jquery carousel, you should always use it, lots of options and RESPONSIVE!… Try it here.


Really Flexible, easy to use and lots of customization options, go ahead and take a look:



Definitely NIVO SLIDER is one of the best choices of jquery slider, and of course my favorite!, i want to encourage you to try it, it’s really flexible, easy to customize code and css styles, and it is available for WORDPRESS too!.. Amazing!

Jquery Flip!

A heavy but beatifull solution to make flip content.. Visit Here. If you would like something ligther you may want to use QuickFlip 2.